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Held in Evidence: The Bobby Sherman Miracle
The first in a series of traumatic memoirs, written in the unrefined voice of an attempted murder and electroshock surviver. "Manchester Police are searching for a 15 year old girl who went missing from her home yesterday afternoon at 81 Fourth Street in West Manchester. Ethel Richard was last seen wearing faded blue jeans and a baggy button down bishop sleeve dark brown mans shirt and dirty white sneakers. She is 5 ft, 3/4 inches tall and 105 pounds with shoulder length natural curly chestnut brown hair, she has no money and is carrying a black leather soft cover edition of the King Jame's Bible. Ethel was very recently released from New Hampshire Hospital and she suffers from a condition of episodes of severe memory loss. She is not wearing her glasses and Ethel is near totally blind when not wearing her glasses. Should you see Ethel please call Manchester police..."~ WMUR TV Channel 9 News May 15, 1971 "50 City Police Seize 38 [people] in Raid on Church... that residents claimed had become a haven for runaways and criminals." ~ Taken from a Denver Post article July 25, 1971 "After we heard what had happened to you a bunch of us kids went to visit you in St. Luke's hospital (not everyone at the church was bad) and when I saw you next you had just got out of the hospital and you were sitting on the steps of the church singing. I walked up to you and I asked how you were feeling and you acted as if nothing had happened. I guess sometimes it's better not to remember." ~ Rod..