The Newton Prophecies

The Newton Prophecies
Author: Keith Katsikas
Categories: Suspense & Thriller  Bestsellers  eCatalog 
Publisher: TopShelf Publishing
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Price: $15.99

The Vatican has been infiltrated by the most lethal terror organization in the world and only one man can stop it.

Ever since witnessing an avalanche devour his parents at age twelve, Michael DiBianco has had an odd obsession with the divine. Today, a renowned physicist, Harvard Divinity professor, and bestselling author, DiBianco has devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of the Bible.

A prophetic collection of Newton papers stolen from a library in Jerusalem leads the FBI to DiBianco––the last man known to see them. He is escorted from his classroom and shown photos of high-level assassinations along with clues that were left on the bodies––Newton papers.

An earth-shattering explosion, nearly leveling Harvard Divinity School, propels Michael DiBianco on a perilous mission to clear his name––a quest that swiftly escalates into a life and death race to save the world from a terrorist plot over fifty years in the making.




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