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Authors... Take Advantage of Our Most Affordable Magazine Real Estate!

Are you looking for a great way to brand yourself and have your books seen by all the right people in the most affordable way possible? List your books in our TopShelf Classifieds section! And unlike the rest of TopShelf Magazine, our classifieds section is not screened for market worthiness (though we do not allow erotica or vulgar titles), so just about any author can have a chance to be seen!

Simply make your first payment using the Buy Now button below and one of our representatives will contact you to construct your classified listing. If for any reason you (or TopShelf) decide to not list your book, a refund will be granted. There's no discount available for classifieds.

There is a three-month minimum for all classified listings. Select the listing type you prefer from the drop-down menu and click Buy Now. Your card will be charged for one payment today, and then it will be automatically charged once a month (around the same time) for a total of three months.

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